Tuition fees fund the latest in technology, skilled guides, exceptional hands on materials, and a beautiful facility. We have made a conscious decision to charge only as much as we require to successfully operate the school and will be applying for charitable non-profit status as soon as we are eligible to.

As a thank you to our founding families (those who register for September 2020) for trusting us and being the first to join our tribe of heroes, we are offering a $2000 (per child) discount on their first year enrolled.

TUITION - 2020/2021

Founding Families Annual Tuition Fees for 1st Year - $9,995 (Children registered and starting school in September 2020)

Standard Annual Tuition Fee - $11,995 (Children starting after September 2020)

Earlybird discount for the following year (registered by February 15, 2021) - 5%

1st Sibling Discount - 10%

2nd Sibling Discount - 20%

*Additional costs may apply for field trips and off-site sports
*After-school care will be available at an additional fee


Registration - a $495 non-refundable retainer is required upon registration to reserve your child’s spot in the school (this is deducted from the tuition fee)

Payment method - Payments may be made using check or bank draft. We are working towards offering credit cards as an option for payment.

Payment frequency - Payments can be made upfront or monthly, on the first of each month.

Partial year proration - Tuition will be pro-rated accordingly for children who start part way through the year.