We are currently seaching within Waterloo Region for the perfect bright and clean space to rent for our founding year. We will likely choose a church, community centre, commercially zoned house, or other building that will be our temporary home for 1-3 years - until we have grown large enough to move into a permanent location.

Our goal is to find a space that:

  • Is conveniently located near a highway

  • Is close to a large playground, within walking distance of a library, and is near a skating rink or other sports faclities

  • Has a fenced in outdoor space

  • Provides us with access to a large indoor space (gym) to ensure physical movement even on rainy or extremely hot/cold days

  • Offers access to a full kitchen for cooking adventures

  • Allows us to keep all doors locked throughout the day (accessed with a buzzer) and lets us set up security cameras to ensure the safety of all children and staff

  • Is bright, clean, welcoming, and safe

Our studios will be professionally designed and decorated to offer the most inviting, inspiring, and comfortable spaces for our Eagles to enjoy and for learning to flourish. Spaces will be tastefully appointed with modern furniture and flexible seating options with inspiring quotes lining our hallways and chalkboard walls to encourage brain-storming and free thought. 

The way out studios look and feel is very important to us and we are confident you will be impressed with how they turn out!